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Intercontinental Choral Music Festival for Peace


Because of COVID, this concert has been postponed for two years with a prospective tour date of late 2023 with our concert in early January 2024.  Here's the plan!

For thousands of years, Israel has been seen as the central location for faith around the world.  Here, three major faith populations live in relative peace: Christians, Jews, and Muslims. In 2023, singers from around the world will converge in the Holy Land to sing Paul Aitken's "And None Shall Be Afraid: a plea for peace in 5 movements," presenting a concert that shines light on the idea that we are all one human race, and that there is significantly more that unites us than divides us.  Our goal is to present a gala concert in the Holy Land, focusing on these peace prayers and other songs of peace, featuring several hundred singers from around the world -- from as many continents and faith traditions as possible.  Presently, eight choral conductors from the US, Canada, and Kenya have expressed interest in bringing their choirs for this epic, world-class, peace event focused on love, unity, and understanding of one another.

The steering committee, comprised of choral professionals from the U.S., Canada, and Kenya has a large vision for the festival: 300-500 singers from around the world.  Contact Zoe at Perform International for more information about how your choir can participate in an epic choral event of a lifetime.
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