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The Sacred Music of Paul A. Aitken

General Anthems

Screenshot 2018-09-20 09.52.04.png

SAB & piano


This is not your standard arrangement of Balm in Gilead. Aitken's setting is both lyrical and celebratory; contemplative and joyous. A must-have piece for festival, concert, and church.

Cover.Join in the Dance.jpg

SATB, piano 4 hands, trumpet & handbells


This exciting and uplifting setting of Psalm 65 was composed for the installation of a new Methodist bishop in Spring of 2017. The theme for the service of installation was focused on dancing to the heartbeat of God. 

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SATB, piano & brass


Commissioned by Old Mission United Methodist Church for their 75th anniversary celebration and is based on poetry by John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church.  Also available for SAB.

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SATB & organ


Commissioned by the American Guild of Organists for the Region VIII Convention in 2011, this hauntingly beautiful composition embodies the mystery and majesty of the church.

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SATB & piano


Paul crafts a refreshingly new setting of Fanny Crosby's famous and uplifting text.

Screenshot 2019-02-16 09.43.53.png

SATB, piano & flute


A setting of the classic text by Civilla D. Martin with a new melody that will capture your heart and have you singing all day long.

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 2.09.08 PM.png

SATB, piano & opt. orchestra


In the course of six weeks in early 2020, Paul Aitken's family experienced the most challenging of journeys: his wife, MacKenzie, had a massive stroke during brain surgery (leaving her wheelchair-bound and having to relearn how to walk and talk and do many everyday things). Six weeks after her stroke, Aitken's stepson, Caden, took his own life after a multi-year battle with depression. During the writing of this commission for the Brazos Valley Chorale in Texas, this piece became MacKenzie and Caden's song. This new setting of "How Can I Keep From Singing" musically depicts the journey from normalcy; through grief, anguish and despair; to the realization that life can begin to knit back together and joy can again be found -- especially through singing with friends and strangers 

Christmas Favorites

Screenshot 2018-09-20 17.29.55.png

SATB, piano & C-instrument


As the plaintive melody begins with a soprano solo accompanied by oboe, the listener is immediately drawn to the haunting beauty of this Canadian carol. 

Screenshot 2018-09-20 10.02.10.png

2-part & piano


A fun and memorable melody introduces young singers to simple mixed meter telling of the Christmas story.

Screenshot 2019-02-16 09.46.16.png

SATB& piano; violin


A musical setting of the poetry of Gilbert Keith Chesterson (1874-1936) in this dramatic and exciting work for choir, piano, and violin. Commissioned by the Idaho Choral Commissioning Consortium, this composition already has a state-wide following and needs to be on your next program. The colorful text is just as firmly-footed in a secular setting as it is in a sacred one and has been performed throughout the year.

Options for Lent

Screenshot 2018-09-20 10.04.57.png

SATB a cappella


Set to a Wesleyan text, this haunting text depicts the scene at the cross.  Highly appropriate for your Good Friday service, or any time in Lent.


Screenshot 2018-09-20 17.27.51.png

SATB a cappella


Composed on the first anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, the piece is meant to depict first the stunned silence the moments after the blast, then the frantic search for survivors, then the sad realization that everything had changed. 

Major Works with orchestra


SATB choir, orchestra, and optional children's choir. 

ca. 25 minutes


Featured on the Carnegie Hall stage in 2010 under the direction of the composer, this powerful work for choir and chamber orchestra is perfectly suited for concert hall and worship alike.  The composition highlights five peace prayers from 5 different faiths, and showcases the commonalities in each faith center's quest for world peace.  Opening quietly, the piece builds through it's 5 movements toward a stunning and electric conclusion that emulates hope for all humankind.

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