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Festival at Flanders 2019

There are dozens of YouTube videos that feature my setting of "Flanders Fields."  Most are recordings of the piece performed in concert, though one truly caught my attention a few years ago.  It's a video prepared by the Quintessential Vocal Ensemble of St. John's, Newfoundland, and includes images from their trip to Belgium in 2011.  The images are haunting and include photos from Flanders Fields, Vimy Ridge, and so forth.

A few years ago, I began to think deeply about taking a group of my own to the very place that inspired John McCrae to write his poem -- a poem that has since inspired generations of others to consider peace.  A conversation with Perform International has made that a reality, and we look forward to singing a concert of peace at Flanders this June.  We are so excited about this upcoming adventure!

The Boise-area choir is delighted to be joined by the Kenai Choir, directed by Kyle Schneider; and by the Nashua High School, directed by Brianne Biastoff.

As a choral conductor and Canadian musician, this event is truly dear to my heart.

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